[Naples Cathedral and City Center Guided Experience]

Have a fantastic guided tour: admire the Cathedral of Naples, the treasure of its Saint Patron Gennaro and walk the ancient center of the City to visit neapolitan workshops of the handmade art of shepherds and cribs.

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Saint Gennaro's Cathedral Guided Tour [Naples]

San Gennaro is the patron saint of Naples, a christian bishop and martyr. his worship is very much felt among the inhabitants of Naples who often entrust to him his prayers calling him, in confidence, Genna', Gennari' or Yellow Face (because of the color of the statues depicting him). Each Year, On September 19, his worship reaches its apex with the veneration of his blood melts at the end of the worship, miracle has occurred and the City can prosper for another year, Otherwise, this is a sign of misfortune and catastophe (often refferred to the earthquake in 1980).

Richness & Worship [Naples]

You will admire the Cathedral dedicated to the Saint and his immense treasure kept in the adjacent museum, among the most precious pieces, a miter (bishop's headgear) of 1713 of the goldsmith Matteo treglia, with many precious stones (diamonds, rubies and emeralds).

The Art of Shepherds And Cribs [Naples]

The second part of the itinerary is dedicated to the discovery of another trasure in Naples: the art of shepherds and cribs. You will walk along San Gregorio Armeno, the ancient and famous street of Neapolitan handmade art, visiting the Ferrigno workshop, the most famous among artisans. You will have a bit of the Christmas atmosphere where the sacred meets the profane.

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