[Naples Walking Tour With Food Tasting Experience]

Stroll through the narrow streets of the city of Naples: discover the art of Street Food flavors and enjoy the wonderful ancient history among its squares and alleys accompanied by an expert guide.

Private tour guide (2hours)

Food Tasting

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Guided Tour [Naples]

Meet your licensed tour guide in the Hotel lobby and enjoy a 2 hours guided tour among the narrow streets of the city of Naples. Visit Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, Spaccanapoli area (a complex of streets that split in two the City) and Piazza Dante, enjoy the art of Street Food flavors during the guide's explanation.

The Art Of Street Food [Naples]

During your walking guided tour taste the typical Neapolitan Street Food such as Pizza a Portafoglio (a small pizza Margherita folded like a wallet), Panzarotto (a fried potato with Mozzarella cheese) or Frittatina (a sort of little omelette with sauce, peas and pasta).
In Naples the street food isn't like in the other city, street food isn't synonymous of junk food, here the street food is a culinary art!

Time for desserts [Naples]

And after salty, the desserts: Sfogliatella (a sweetie with ricotta cheese, candied fruit and semolina) or Babà (the famous sweetie with rum and, sometimes, chocolate and panna) accompanied by the inimitable Neapolitan Espresso (the real coffee!).

By the way, ask to your guide what is the caffè sospeso (suspended coffee): it’s a funny and full of heart anecdote.

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